Airbrush Vs Traditional?

The difference between Airbrush and Traditional Makeup, one is misted onto the skin and the other is hand applied.

Airbrush Makeup: My product of choice is Element (silicone based) Foundation, it is formulated specifically for airbrushing. This product has a beautiful, silky finish on the skin, very light weight and offers a ‘smudge proof, budge proof and tear proof’ application when correctly maintained. It is designed to have a 12 hour+ wear time. This product is best suited to normal/combination as well as reddened and acne skin conditions. It delicately mimics the skin surface while still having the ability to build the desired coverage.

Traditional Makeup: This application offers a soft dewy finish on the skin and has a variety of coverage options. In my Kit I keep both silicone based and water based and wax based options (the silicone based option offers the ‘smudge, budge and tear’ protection). Best suited to a very oily (Blotting and lightly powdering from time to time to remove shine), very dry or textured skin. A Traditional Application allows a more specialist primer to be applied without affecting the makeup – very oily skin will require a heavy duty mattifying primer, very dry skin will require a much more hydrating primer and textured skin will require a smoothing or pore filling primer. Traditional Applications are best for skin types that will require regular touch ups.


For a lasting application, I like to use a combination of both Airbrush and Traditional. The layered affect gives longevity and a flawless finish. Pigmentation, scarring or bruising is best covered using a combination method.