About Me

I am passionate about creating a personal look to make you feel beautiful inside and out. I apply just the right amount of makeup to accentuate your facial features, giving you the most natural look. I create beautiful, flawless applications that you will definitely love.

I specialize in HD Professional Airbrush Bridal Makeup that will make you beautiful both visually and photographically even with the highest resolution cameras available today.

I use only the products with the highest quality and durability made especially for professional artists to make you look extra glamorous for hours on your special events.

What Makes Grace Young Different?

I got my start in 2013 owning and operating two beauty salons in the Philippines where I learned the importance of making my clients feel calm, comfortable, and secure with their choice to be in my seat. I do this by including my clients in every step of my application process.

Since the beginning, I have offered HD air brush to my clients as a premium application method. I only use high-end makeup products on both traditional and HD applications.

I also have six years experience doing professional photography so I know how to accentuate a face for a photo.